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Enjoy your stay.

Explore, Exploit & Survive The Different Earth

Dinosaurs, monsters, technology and mayhem: live and breathe the ARK, sub-MMO style.

The ARK & The Different Earth

ARK Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival video game. The game is played from either a third-person or first-person perspective and its open world (referred to as an "ARK") is navigated on foot or by riding a prehistoric animal. Players can use firearms and improvised weapons to defend against hostile humans and creatures, with the ability to build bases as defense.

The Different Earth, VT is a series of hosted ARK maps with specific settings, mods and in-game resources designed to create an immersive, RPG-like experience. All of ARK's expansive content is made available to players of all types in new and fun ways. There's bigger threats with bigger rewards around every corner!

The Different Earth links your persistent Survivor to each of ARK's maps:

The Chaotic Earth (The Island)

  • The Chaotic Earth, VT PVPVE/RP/The Island Open Beta Player Slot Limit: 20, Mostly Complete

Traders Skitz/Hydro set up shop, hocking to Survivors near Asylum's teleporters. The Different Zebras flourish while hungry Bushfolk settle in the regions that suit them. High, out in the mountains, a strange trader stocks legendary gear in his peak-top shop.

The Quiet Earth (Scorched Earth)

  • The Quiet Earth, VT PVPVE/RP/Scorched Earth Open Beta Player Slot Limit: 20, Mostly Complete

The first jump between ARKs was jarring, and the Different Zebras didn't jump alone: Bushfolk & mutants now stalk the desert. Surviving here means braving the weather as much as working together: Oasis is born, drawing treasures & threats alike.

The Fractured Earth (Aberration)

  • The Fractured Earth, VT PVPVE/RP/Aberration Open Beta Player Slot Limit: 20, Mostly Complete

The new landscape of deep caves under the scarred surface harbors the Different Zebra's most exuberant settlement: Vista, built of confidence & celebration to one final jump home. Troubles from the past roam the depths, waiting to be challenged or claimed.

The Colossal Earth (Extinction)

  • The Colossal Earth, VT PVPVE/RP/Extinction Open Beta Player Slot Limit: 20, Mostly Complete

The Tribe members remaining have claimed the cramped & marshy Remnant as their home, scattering the Great City Sanctuary with scout outposts. Horror settles as "home" is no longer recognizable and the corruption from The Island follows.

The Different Experience

  • Neutral Settlements can be found all over the ARK. These havens provide safe shelter, trade and in-game services to all survivors who can make it there.
  • Currency (Glory Coin) can found in Beacons, earned through sale or stolen from other players for use in Markets or private trade. If it exists, it can be bought.
  • Use Glory Coin to purchase quality decor, useful tools, supplies, epic weapons and armor. Stat a tribe with your friends, pool your Coin and establish your own vendors & services.
  • Rare Sightings introduces unique event animals to be tamed or slain; equip your Radio to Slot 9 for frequent updates.
  • Bushfolk have invaded The Different Earth and they are hungry. Not all Humans are the same, your next visitor may be a (well armed) hostile cannibal... or not! Not all Bushfolk are hostile and may yield opportunities for you.
  • Protected Passives has been enabled for Passive, unmounted tames away from enemy structures; after a 10 second cool-down, dinos are impervious to all damage types except drowning. Natural Babies is also enabled for all available creatures, families of dinos young & old now hunt and thrive all over. Tame a younger dino for a guaranteed Bonding Bonus.
  • eco's construction sets & decor can be Engram unlocked & purchased in Markets. These allow for a much deeper level of customization to any build and even make building and playing the game more efficient.
  • Go Tribal! Unlock a Tribal crafting table at level 40 to start your path as either a ravenous and righteous Bushfolk.
  • Saddle Emporium skins & buffed saddles can be Engram unlocked and constructed.
  • Wardrobe skins are available early on, so build a custom outfit and dominate in style.

The Beginning, The Basics & The Rules

It begins...

The ARKs stir, a different kind of tribe gathers to face a different world.

You awaken on the shores of the The Island, alone, naked and rightly scared. A strange light lures you to a camp. There's sign post ahead, it reads:

I. I Am Rootbone, crier for the Different Zebras. I've put these bulletin boards everywhere I expect fresh eyes will see them. Welcome to our Chaotic Earth.

II. We began with retrofitting a redwood fortress into a hub dubbed "Asylum," 64/33. Coin is lighter than other goods and preferred among the traders.

III. Between Coin, our port & factory, Asylum grew: a market, bank, lodging, guard post, Greenhouses, Community Hall, Dino Center and even a Barber shop.

IV. Other matters settled, our brightest focused her Teknology. Feedtrons are Gadget's first success found all over. Her next is just as useful, but damning.

V. Protection Totems hijack the ARK's code to create a damage absorbing barrier, big enough for a town. But soon as the last Totem went down, it "changed."

VI. It started with a shimmer. Plants & animals that weren't pulverized became unrecognizable. A witness dubbed it "Area-Y." The name stuck, as is the Totem.

VII. Gadget's initial report said error handling for the ARK's regen code is off, err'd via Totem. What wasn't know was if the damage was local to Area-Y.

VIII. The first sightings outside Area-Y were dismissed. Mutants captured outside Area-Y were not. The corruption is global and not limited to just mutations.

IX. Alphas have always been around, now they're found with greater species diversity. Rabid, diseased dinos lock down entire regions, & then there's "us."

X. The same regen code that brings in the dinos also hauls in us survivors. The result is Bushfolk, a Survivor regenerated as a feral, cannibalistic thug.

XI. Bushfolk live a simple & insane lifestyle. They do cloth, shelter & hunt together but most don't seem very capable beyond that. Some have developed further.

XII. While all cannibals, some Bushfolk only eat the crueler of their own kind. These have developed a tribal culture with rank & file to cull the ferals.

XIII. Those of us not brought in as hungry lunatics are dwindling. Those of us safe from harm dwindle further. Different Zebras calls to arms and to community.

XIV. We set bounty on alphas & apex predators & are buying supplies; trade trophies & surplus resources for Coin at Asylum market. Look to "Stock" to cash in.

XV. Feral Bushies also made the shitlist. We're working with Tribe arbiters to return stolen head dresses to the Tribal Bushfolk; seek headhunter "Cobrett."

XVI. Raw resources & goods are bought by traders, all professions can make steady coin at Asylum. To hunters, we're in need of Rare shoulder tames.

XVII. Different Zebras is making available some of the same Teknology that built Asylum available in our community hall. Your own settlements can thrive.

XVIII. In our attempt to make a safer ARK we've made it a stranger, more dangerous place. Working together, we can sustain & build our Different Earth.

A shoddier sign propped up in the sand aside the bulletin states "Yeanah m8 come to donny's 23/53."

...and it can end

The Different Earth is monitored by administrators who will enforce the law based on our (lax) Global Rules:

Don't Be an Asshole

  • Do not chat/mic spam, do not constantly grief, do not cheat or try to exploit the game.
  • While PVP combat, trapping & raiding are encouraged, needless destruction and complete removal of other players' establishments is not.

Don't Take It Personally

  • Despite our gentle touches to make the game a lot more accessible, ARK is still VERY tough with players just as tough with each other. * Neutral Settlements provide buffs to prevent combat damage while you're in town, but all other areas are open to PVP. Make alliances and enemies as you go, but above all remember: it's just a game.

Respect Our Efforts

  • There are provisions in place to prevent tampering with official items like the Neutral Settlements. Repeated attempts to thwart these provisions will be dealt with.

Server Rollbacks Happen

  • Certain Events and administrator interactions will requires server rollbacks. All rollbacks will be kept as tight as possible for the sake of our players. Examples of rollback events are:
    • Hell Week (Season's End Free 4 All Event)
    • Major RP Events (Armageddon)
    • Major Grief Remediation
    • Mod/Data Recovery

We Preserve & Maintain

  • There are many efforts made to keep the Different Earth maps intact. Backups occur regularly, we don't want you to lose any progress!
  • The servers are left up as long as possible, mod updates & patches are checked every three hours. These maintenance periods are announced in-game.

We Want You To Have Fun!

  • ARK can be frustrating, we've tried our hardest to remove a lot of those frustrations without taking away the teeth of the game.
  • Remember that our Administrators are also here to help if you're in a real bind. Speak up in Chat for assistance.
  • Play the game how you want to: the Class System and RP elements are a lot of fun, but they're not a requirement.

But We're Not Accountable

  • It's all a game, we're just the players.

...and sometimes it's down!

The Different Earth Maintenance Schedule

The Different Earth is set to check for updates to both ARK and mods on a regular basis. If you don't see the server listings, they're most likely updating; check The Different Earth Mod Collection to see which mod updated.

Updates checked @:

00:00 | 03:00 | 06:00 | 09:00 | 12:00 | 15:00 | 18:00 | 21:00

Global Mods & Settings

The Different Earth maps feature a selection of mods for both sub-MMO and RP purposes. A currency system, neutral town zone, NPC's, bounty system, routine and DM scripted events with an outlined set of character classes allow for interested players to take their ARK experience to a new level (pun intended).

Mods are automatically downloaded when connecting to the servers, though it's probably better if you subscribe to the mods in the Steam Workshop and load them in Single Player beforehand to ensure there's no bullshit. Not all mod content is immediately available to players and is there either for admin or RP purposes.

Mods in Use

eco's mods are great for practical base building & eye candy
Rare Sightings are always worth the tame
Natural Babies makes families, naturally

Subscribe to all with the collection: The Different Earth Mod Collection

Global Settings

By default, ARK doesn't have much respect for people's free time and restricts most of the later-game content to Alpha Tribe members. The Different Earth, VT maps remedy this problem with some modified settings and constructed solutions.



  • Multipliers
    • x2.0 Experience Gains
    • x3.0 Resource Gathering
    • x3.0 Taming Speed
    • x1.5 Health Delta
    • x1.5 Structures Per Platform
    • x0.5 Resource Respawn Timer
    • x0.5 Respawn Radius
  • General
    • Six Man Tribes
    • Show Crosshairs
    • Show Hitmarkers
    • Show Floating Damage Text
    • Announce Player Joined
    • Show Map Markers
    • Show Player Position on Map
    • Allow 3rd Person Orbit Cam
    • Golems of all kinds can go Extinct
    • Chainable Mindwipes
    • Adjustable Gamma
    • No PVP Cooldown
  • Engram Unlocks
    • eco's Terrariums, lvl 100 (30 points)
    • eco's Garden Decor, lvl 80 (15 points)
    • eco's Stable Structures and Decor, lvl 38 (15 points)
    • eco's Camping Decor, lvl 17 (5 points)
    • Bad Box (eco's RP Decor), lvl 4 (3 points)
    • Journal (eco's RP Decor), lvl 0 (0 points)
    • eco's Primordial Decor, lvl 40 (30 points)
      • Bone fences, lvl 40 (5 points)
      • Fire Spit, lvl 40 (10 points)
      • Dye Bowls, lvl 40 (5 points)
    • Wardrobe Skins, lvl 30 (10 points)
    • Saddle Emporium, lvl 9 (10 points)
      • Improved Saddles, various lvls (10 points)
      • Skins, various lvls (0 points)

Not all mod content is available to all players by default means. Some Engrams are disabled to allow for unique gameplay mechanics or to secure for admin use.

  • Disabled Engrams
    • eco's Shoppe Decor
    • eco's RP Decor
    • eco's Scorched Earth Decor
    • eco's Aberration Decor
    • ecoTrees LITE
    • Capitalism Currency Suite
    • Admin Toolkit
    • ACM
    • Admin Owner Changer

Neutral Towns, Services & Other Unique Features

Each map features a unique Neutral Town nestled in a safe location within reach of all (spry) Survivors. When in town (or other official areas), all damage is prevented so you can trade in peace!

Each Town has a number of services to help players enrich their game and utilize all of ARK's content. Various Traders offering powerful and rare items are found throughout each map; hunt apex predators and sell their trophies to amass a fortune, then blow it all on eco's decor & a super weapon, or just invest in a settlement of your own.

Towns & Extensions

Asylum, 64/33
Markets are the place to stock up or cash in.
Traders from all over offer unique items for sale.
Park your dino at a hitching post while in town.
Dino Services cares about your dinos. For Coin.
Purchase rare tames or turn in your own for Coin.
Pubs often sell trophy decor & other rare oddities.
  • The Chaotic Earth, VT
    • Asylum 64/33
    • Port Asylum 77/27
    • The Slur'd Sheep 73/27
    • Donny's 23/53
    • West Camp 33/16
    • Death Island Tours 25/77
  • The Quiet Earth, VT
    • Oasis 64/43
  • The Fractured Earth, VT
    • Vista 29/60
  • The Colossal Earth, VT
    • Remnant 48/43



Tribe Towns

Tribes can pull their money together to purchase everything they need to put together their own market & service.

Classes & Professions


Classes are suggested character build paths that best suit The Different Earth. There is no in-game UI option for Classes; this is strictly an RP system unique to The Different Earth that's designed to help new players take full advantage of the new mechanics The Different Earth integrates into ARK.

As you level up, spend attribute & engram points towards the three main Class trees, then branch out at level 50 with suggested Specializations or create a Specialized Class of your own!

New to ARK in general? Try out the Survivor build early on for a balanced start.

RP Note: Looking for a Tribe name? Take your Class, Specialization, add a Profession and your home for swanky title: "[You], the [Class+Specialization], [Profession] of [Location]." Tricktooth, the Soldier Nomad, Lunatic of Allwheres.


Specialized Classes allow for more flexible gameplay by utilizing the benefits of The Different Earth to your stats' advantage.


Everyone's gotta make a living! Professions are titles that describe in-game ventures players pursue in order to earn in-game currency. Try a per-defined Profession below or create one of your own that best suits your play-style.

RP Note: Switch up your Profession when things get dull and you'll be guarantied to play ARK in a whole new way.

Each Profession can get a natural stat advantage from a supporting Class:


  • Suggested Class: Any
  • Invest in a Cooker, sell Cooked Meats, craft Jerky, Beer, Tonics & Foods, sell your Apex Trophies accumulated from hunts. Purchase a Cooled Player Table and open a café right in front of a dungeon, rake in that Broth of Enlightenment and Health Tonic coin!


  • Suggested Class: Soldier
  • Craft Armor, Ammo & Explosives to sell in town, boost your Crafting Skill and purchase an Advanced Player Table to make better Coin.


  • Suggested Class: Hunter
  • Find & trade in Artifacts, harvest Ores, Crystals & Gems. Loot Cave Crates for big rewards, tame rare Megalania or other cave dwellers, purchase a Dino Table and make bank.


  • Suggested Class: Scientist
  • Invest in a Grinder & Chem Bench, Craft Sparkpowder, Gunpowder, Napalm & Gasoline for bulk sale. A Player Table makes for a good gas station.


  • Suggested Class: Scientist or Hunter
  • Build a farm and grow Crops & Berries, harvest Plant Species seeds. Build a Dodo or Compy coop to collect Eggs to sell or cook into Kibbles. Craft Re-Fertilizer. Breed sheep for Wool or Mutton.


  • Suggested Class: Soldier or Hunter
  • Adapt to your environment, live off the land & travel light. Invest in a Paracar Saddle for a mobile home. Collect Rare Flowers, Mushrooms, Plant Species Seeds & Raw Resources (Raw Salt/Sulphur). Stalk & trap rare shoulder tames to trade in at town.


  • Suggested Class: Scientist or Soldier
  • Build or buy a Boat, tame some aquatic friends & search for Pearls, Bio Toxin & Oil. Hunt for Deep Sea Crates & Megaladon Teeth. Stalk your white whale & dangers of the deep. Build a tanker or rig and mass produce Gasoline.


  • Suggested Class: Soldier or Hunter
  • Suit up and grab your favorite rifle for Apex & Alpha Tropies, Bushfolk armor & loot drops, and don't forget your Glider Suit or Parachute for Surface Beacons.

Help & Troubleshooting

Admin's Log

What's new? There's a lot going on with The Different Earth, keep up to date with changes and future developments here.

Official State of The Different Earth:

Chaotic: Open Beta | Quiet: Beta| Fractured: Beta | Colossal: Alpha | Frigid: Pre-Alpha | Drenched: Pre-Alpha

In Development

Stuff we're workin' on:

  • This wiki!
  • Discord Channel (destined for open Beta)
  • Beautification Pass (paints, placements and tweaks)
  • All Maps
    • Refine & Re-balance Beacon & Crate drops
    • RP structures & Quests
    • Holiday Events
    • Hunting Events
    • Splunking vendors
    • Headhunter loot
  • Chaotic Earth (The Island)
    • Area-Z
    • Survivor School, Profession Center
    • Bushfolk camps
  • Quiet Earth (Scorched Earth)
    • Bushfolk camps
    • Finish spawn zone Kiosks
    • Story dialog
    • Signage
    • Feelies (base-level beautification)
    • More lodging
    • Donny's
  • Fractured Earth (Aberration)
    • Bushfolk camps
    • Finish spawn zone Kiosks
    • Story dialog
    • Feelies (base-level beautification)
    • Donny's
    • Community Center
    • Dino Services
    • Shipyard
    • Lodging
    • Greenhouses
    • Taverns
  • Colossal Earth (Extinction)
    • Finish spawn zone Kiosks
    • Story dialog
    • Feelies (base-level beautification)
    • Donny's
    • Community Center
    • Dino Services
    • Shipyard
    • Lodging
    • Greenhouses
    • Taverns

Wish List

Stuff we wish we could do:

  • NPC Dialog/Chat Bubs
  • Stream music to radio channels
  • Alternative Hardcore, High-Difficulty, No HUD/Tribes server
  • Teleporters for all!
  • Bushfolk Custom Inventory
  • Structure Totem Replacement

Known Bugs

  • Entering a protected area can cause a quick dip in third person view.
  • Sometimes NPCs are in their undies. Live nudes!
  • Head-hunting Bushfolk is not yet available :C
  • "Mod Mismatch" is an all-around ARK bug; see Help & Troubleshooting)
  • Sometimes vendor inventories don't load; leave the area & return or find the vendor table.

Game Files

Random crap, relevant to the game.

Admin Thoughts

I do this because I really love ARK and I really love putting a whole mess of things together and making them work. To me, ARK is a perfect game - it allows you to do whatever you want in-game, and then allows you to do whatever you want *with* the game through all the settings and mods one can adjust. If contains some of the most amazing animals to have ever lived brought back from extinction and drops them in a virtual sandbox where we eat, breath, fight, build and even poop - what's not to love? Basics aside, it's all the little details you could miss by not paying attention that really brings me into the game.

The way the animals interact together and with their environment, and all the meta/fourth wall type humor and game mechanics* set a mood that really complements the maps, especially as they progress. This also made for a natural transition into The Different Earth setup for the game, since the world I wished to create already lined up with what ARK had to offer.

The first step to making ARK more RPG-like was adjusting the game's multipliers and settings from "scavenge" to "light, MMO grind." This means more resources for your time, quicker tames, faster leveling (so you can start a new character if you want to try something new), better loot and more in-game freedom (more platform pieces, orbit cam, gamma, respawns). This is then balanced with bigger, meaner enemies and new threats like human NPCs. Last, the mods add in the extra "feelies" content along with the currency system and town tools that allows the game to adapt new mechanics like markets and safe town zones. They also bring in a set of admin tools that makes it possible to host the game without it being a nightmare (for the most part... it took a LOT of scripting to get this right).

For the hosting side of things, I love my little ant-farm and wish to keep it going as long as the server constructed for it lives. Personal thank you to both Dallas and Jessie for being my initial beta testers & for supplying excellent feedback and builds. This project wouldn't have been anywhere near as fun or beautiful without their help :o)

  • meta mechanics: your specimen implant is how you get your player ID, you actually use an adjustable radio for long range voice chat, getting sand in your pockets during a sandstorm, your tame paying attention to you (but not others, unless provoked), the whole simulation within a simulation concept.