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The Scientist is best played by those who want to use the game's automatic mechanics to their advantage, or those who wish explore what all those mechanics have to offer.

Scientists rely on technology, status effects & superior crafting in place of raw reflexes and might.

Items with a (CORE) notation should be paid special attention as these best represent the Character Class


49 attribute points are just enough to really start edging out a direction for your class. Spend them wisely to enhance your play-style.

Level 50 Goal

Attribute Value Points Points-Per
Health 150 +5 +10
Stamina 120 +2 +10
Oxygen 100 +0 +10
Food 100 +0 +10
Water 100 +0 +10
Weight 200 +10 +10
Melee 115 +3 +5
Speed 116.5 +11 +1.5
Craft 200 +10 +10
Fortitude 16 +8 +2

The Scientist's main attribute focus comes to Crafting and Weight, enabling the Scientist to gather plenty of resources, carry lots of equipment and craft the best possible items.

Stamina, Speed and Fortitude get minor boosts to aid the Scientist in their research and gathering duties.

Saddles & Tames

Tames make the difference between a successful stay on the ARK or a stressful one. Tames enable a Scientist to cover more ground, harvest more resources and win more fights.

Tames can be acquired from Level 1, either by feeding the animal passively or by placing food in its inventory while it's Unconscious (often called "hand-feeding" or a "torpor tame").

There are several main Tame Types:

  • Companions are tames that cannot be ridden
  • Shoulder Mounts are tames that ride the player's shoulder
  • Mounts are ridable tames
  • Calvary Mounts allow you to use weapons while mounted

Recommended Saddles, Scientist

Level Saddle Core
26 Trike *
22 Pulmonoscorpius
27 Pachyrhinosaurus *
28 Manta
30 Iguanadon
32 Diplodocus
38 Pteranodon
40 Araneo
43 Pelagornis

A Scientist's preferred mount would be multi-purpose, stat-boosting or stat-inducing. The Trike and Pachyrhinosaurus are two excellent choice mounts for a Scientist as these have great Weight capacity and stat modifying abilities. They also work as great berry harvesters to assist with farming, which of course leads to regents for crafting.

Taking flight is best handled with a Pelagornis, an all-in-one, land-sea-air mount that enables a Scientist to the whole map.

Recommended Tames, Scientist

A pair of escorting dilos
Dino Type Core
Dilophosaur Companion *
Dimorphodon Shoulder Mount *
Jerboa Shoulder Mount *
Bulbdog Shoulder Mount *
Phiomia Mount
Dodo Companion *

Blahblah, Scientist


Level 50 Engrams

Level Engram Core
50 Omnidirectional Lamppost *
49 Full Electric ()
48 Fabricator
48 Components *
38 Re-fertilizer
36 Tree Sap Tap
36 Large Crop Plot
35 Scope Attachment
35 Longneck Rifle/Ammo
33 Wooden Tree Platform *
31 Behemoth Stone Dino Gate/Door
30 Metal Sickle
28-24 Full Stone + Dino Gate *
26 Medium Crop Plot *
26 Water Jar
25 Pike *
22 Parachute *
19 Bookshelf *
14-11 Full Wood + Dino Gate *
18 Lesser Antidote *
11 Stimulant *
8 Compass *
7 Spyglass *
6 Blood Extraction Syringe *