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College Portfolio (2007-2008)

The vast majority of my college portfolio was destroyed in flood, sometime around April 2009. What survives are just a few samples of digital photography and graphic design projects.

Some of this is a little cringy by today, but it's fun to see what was going on in my head back when I was 18/19.

Point & Shoot

Mostly taken with various cellphone cameras (my favorite being the Moto G4 Plus with that laser focus module). I don't like being "that guy" looking like a dork with his phone in his hand, so I tend to take really quick shots with a lot of "spray and pray," but I do plan the angles and framing, no edits or enhancements unless noted; there are a lot of failures.

I favor mostly natural subjects, plants and the like.


I used to work in the Winooski area and had a nice little 2.5 mile loop through the center of town. Most of these are from that loop.


There's a lot of nice places to walk around Milton if you know the area.