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The Different Earth allows you to play each of ARK's maps with the same Survivor you've invested all your time into. While you can't as easily transfer items or dinos between the ARKs, you can access a universal bank account so you can gear up once you've found a town!

Note: if you create a new Survivor on any of the Different Earth maps, this WILL over-write your old Survivor on all other maps! At this time, there is only support for one Survivor per Steam account.

Changing ARKs

Want to experience a new world? Browse the all the available Different Earth offerings and simply log in. If your Survivor has never been to this ARK before, you'll be asked to pick a spawn location. Make sure you click "Respawn (Random Location)" instead of "Create New Survivor!"

Your character will enter each ARK as a copy of that character with their stats as-is. These stats do not change between maps.

So, if right after you create your Different Earth character, you were to enter each map as a level one, you'll have a new adventure awaiting for you when you get back to those other maps!