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Poison Pit

This was created as a departure piece, when I separated from a very terrible job that claimed several years of my life for misery and complacency under the thumb of an emotionally damaged bully.

It was created December, 2018.

I have a lot to say about this piece and my time at that job, things I wont say here because they are sad, vulgar. What I will say, to anyone who finds themselves lost to a desperate working situation: a job isn't worth your life.

Damaged Array

I put this together as a gift for the office I used to work at - we churned through a lot of disks which accumulated into a pile that was seemed natural for a project.

I de-cased each drive and met the face-plate and the platters with a .22LR. My wife assisted with some sublimated text banners to promote some crude humor which I will not be responsible for.

This was assembled sometime in early 2018.

Leave It To Cleaver

I love Halloween. Something about everyone taking the time to come up with a costume and putting on a show really brings out the festive spirit in me. Anyway, I have an endless supply of boxes and packaging material, thus I decided to add to the holiday by putting together my own costume.

"Leave It To Cleaver" took the packaging materials for a desktop computer, some twine, a lot of duct-tape, hot glue and some bottle caps. I had a lot of fun slapping it together while watching Psycho with the wife, who also made a raider-esq costume.

Halloween 2019 was a lot of fun, I hit a bitchin' costume party at a local brew-pub. I'll be busting this one out again.