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Domain Registered Nov, 17 2013
Three Hypervisors / 25 VMs / Four Pi
Written & maintained by Felix Swétel


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Different Zebras


"Different Zebras" comes from the phrases that "not everything is black & white" & "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras." The joke being, reality states that constants can change and sometimes it's best to expect the unexpected; this is especially true of technology.

Different Zebras has lead to a simple philosophy: don't just claim to "think" different, be different, and try different things! There's already enough black & white to go around, so it's better to put some color into your work, your core values & your character; the world needs different people!

More details available at:

The Lab

Deckard: massive storage for little coin.

Sharing The Love

The Lab is designed to be kind with our environment and has required a lot of custom builds to meet this demand; traditional systems are not so mindful with their power usage or futureproofing, these go to strain our environment before being replaced by bigger & faster strains!

Each Different Zebras system, service and guide is focused on power-efficiency, futureproofing, re-use and long-term support. Don't create trash, create something new!

Sometimes it's the inner-workings that are more interesting than the services they provide, and sometimes one wishes to learn from the products of another.

Here is where the Different Zebras admin share bits from the Lab with you to do as you please.

Specs, instructions and experiments are outlined with pictures, simple steps and downloads; create with these materials what you wish, please feel free to share if you've made something cool!

Philosophy & Goal

The Lab is always changing because it serves as a basis for trying new and different things (as well as to provide some fun!)

Each creation of the Lab is designed around a simple operating philosophy: "do more with less, do it with color, do it for the benefit of our environment."

We live in age where devices are mass produced then quickly replaced by "updated" models. These devices come loaded with all the hot features that are soon to be obsolete and unused, with all the precious resources put into the device and it's production wasted. Different Zebras wishes to promote the idea of conserving such resources and using careful engineering and understanding to get the most for our efforts - we can accomplish a lot more with a lot less.

What's more, tech community all to often holds an attitude of conformity, which only contributes to more overlooking the cycle of electronic waste & pollution. Conformity cramps creativity, and can stunt the development of true problem solving skills in a world that really needs some different thinkers. Different Zebras is here to promote the idea that whatever we do, we shouldn't be afraid to put a little color into our work!

Finally, if we can keep true to our phiospohy of efficiency & creativity, we can serve our most important goal: to champion an idea or design a creation that's for the betterment of our both our natural and social environment. We're all stuck on a space station with limited fuel; if we use it wisely and care for our home & each other, we can all go on a lot longer and a lot happier.

Builds & Tooling

Gatekeeper: keeping back the hordes for less.
  • Servers
    • Butter Cost-effective & tuned for power efficiency: the thrift-store build.
    • Butter-02 When "lightly used" no longer cuts it, go for the best deal money can currently buy: the HPE ProLiant ML110.
    • Deckard Power efficient hypervisor & storage server.
  • Appliances
    • "Atari" T A P E _ E N T E R T A I N M E N T _ S Y S T E M
    • Gatekeeper Build your own kickass, power & cost efficient firewall.
    • Gatekeeper & Watchman Two firewalls working together for a high availability environment.
    • Humble Lights, automation, action! "Smart" home with a Raspberry Pi.
    • Pork & The Argus 1.0 Oh right, cameras! Raspberry Pi security system.
    • Argus 2.0 Better cameras, better control.
  • Tools & Resources
    • Top Freeware All the useful software tools every admin should have.
    • Web Tools Who needs software when it works in a browser?


  • One-Liners Get it done in one go; my favorite bits of code condensed to a single line.
  • Scripts Full scripts used in the Lab and elsewhere, free for your own use.

Knowledge Base

The Author & Admin

'nuff said.

Professionally, Felix is an engineer with a passion for learning new things. Personally, he is a (shoddy) artist, a (crappy) performer, a (terrible) gardener, an (actually not that bad) handyman, but most importantly a (proud) eccentric husband & dog-father.

More details available at:

Other Efforts

Club Different Zebras


The Club is a collection of the Lab's resources made free to the public. Software, games and web services are all available and integrated under the CDZ banner.

There is no membership, anyone can be a Different Zebra!

CDZ events and services may be available online or local to the Lab. Private events are hosted as a local, invite-only manner.

Services and related capacity are tied to Lab's resources & development - all CDZ materials are served "as is" with no warranty or legal obligations on the Lab's behalf.

More details available at:


Private Game Hosting

Play awesome old & new titles with your friends, hosted locally on minimal wattage. It's guilt-free gaming!

(Notice: You must own the games to play, we just provide the hosting.)

Hosted Game Wikis

ARK Survival Evolved

We host games!

  • ARK Survival Evolved
    • The Different Earth Join The Different Earth and play each of ARK's DLC with your pervasive character profile. Each map features a selection of mods configured for a psudo-MMORPG experience where all of ARK's content is available to all types of play-styles.
    • The Bitter Earth "Pick-up & Play" style ARK with no chill.

Custom Gaming

Articles & downloads pertaining to custom/modded gaming experiences.

  • Ultimate Fallout Fallout 3 & New Vegas brought together with updated visuals and gameplay.
  • ARK RPG ARK Survival Evolved, as configured for The Different Earth, made available for all.

Shithouse Cinema

The ONLY theater in town!

All your favorite movies on 100 inches of screen & 5.1 channels of high definition surround sound!

(Notice: Shithouse Cinema is a password-protected, invite-only event.)

Theater Basics

Seasonal Themes & Blocks

Shithouse Cinema shows nothing new: we've got no *reel* theater connections! Our selections are based on collected & (mostly) contributed resources, organized into themed blocks to give old films a new presentation.

Feel free to use our combo movie block lists for your own viewing parties!

About This Freaky Wiki

This Wiki is broken down into two main parts: a small section relevant to to the Different Zebras Lab & operations, and a larger section dedicated to the Club Different Zebras resources.

This Wiki contains technical articles, knowledge bases, scripts, hosted game info & downloads as well as information on other CDZ services.

Currently, outside contributions and edits to this Wiki are disabled. Eventually, there will be sections open to the public to help spread great ideas!