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eco's mods are great for practical base building & eye candy


ARK Survival Evolved is a perfect "template" game - with just a few mods and adjustments you can make just about anything using ARK is the "engine" for your ideas!

Here, we will hand-pick a selection of mods and make some changes to the game files to re-adjust ARK for a more RPG-like experience.

Currency, diversified creatures, bigger threats and better rewards, along with a whole slew of visual customizations: this is project ARK RPG.


Subscribe to all with the collection: The Different Earth Mod Collection

Presentation Upgrades

ARK is lacking in RP items and decor; eco's suite of decor mods does an amazing job taking care of this.

This Wardrobe mod brings a great number of skins that can be customized to give each character a unique look.

Gameplay Additions

This collection brings currency and the mechanics to use it into ARK - a must-have for towns.

Admin Tools


By default, ARK doesn't have much respect for people's free time and restricts most of the later-game content to Alpha Tribe members. The grind and the struggle is real.

With a few tweaks to the GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini files, we can eliminate the edges of the grind for a more fluent and rewarding experience.

We can also enable some additional features like hit-markers and extra camera features to aid in creating the RPG-like experience.

Global Settings



  • Multipliers
    • x2.0 Experience Gains
    • x3.0 Resource Gathering
    • x3.0 Taming Speed
    • x1.5 Health Delta
    • x1.5 Structures Per Platform
    • x0.5 Resource Respawn Timer
    • x0.5 Repsawn Radius
  • Six Man Tribes
  • Show Crosshairs
  • Show Hitmarkers
  • Show Floating Damage Text
  • Announce Player Joined
  • Show Map Markers
  • Show Player Position on Map
  • Allow 3rd Person Orbit Cam
  • Golems of all kinds can go Extinct
  • Chainable Mindwipes
  • Adjustable Gamma
  • No PVP Cooldown