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Styles deals in styles with style.

If you've got a home or a lair to build, Styles has the deco you need.

Item Quantity Cost
Bathroom Wall Shelf x1 5GC
Bathtub x1 15GC
Bonfire x1 8GC
Book Of The Seas x1 2GC
Bookcase x1 8GC
Bronto Plushie x1 10GC
Butterfly Picture x1 2GC
Camera x1 10GC
Chair x1 3GC
Counter With Doors x1 4GC
Curtains x1 3GC
Deer Picture x1 2GC
Desk Lamp x1 3GC
Fancy Book x1 2GC
Fireplace Screen x1 4GC
Frog Plushie x1 10GC
Globe x1 6GC
Green Box x1 4GC
Hanging Lamp x1 3GC
Jug Bug Plushie x1 10GC
Large Stocked Wall Shelf x1 7GC
Mantis Plushie x1 10GC
Metal Balcony x1 60GC
Mirror x1 40GC
Morellatops Plushie x1 10GC
Open Book x1 2GC
Rex Pushie x1 10GC
Rock Golem Plushie x1 10GC
Rustic Sofa x1 6GC
Shark Plushie x1 10GC
Ship In A Bottle x1 10GC
Shower x1 15GC
Side Table x1 3GC
Small Bookcase x1 5GC
Small Stocked Shelf x1 5GC
Squid Picture x1 2GC
Stego Plushie x1 10GC
Storage Counter x1 4GC
Suitcases x1 4GC
Thorny Dragon Plushie x1 10GC
Thyla Plushie x1 10GC
Toilet x1 50GC
Vase x1 3GC
Wall Shelf x1 3GC
Wolf Plushie x1 10GC
Wooden Shutter x1 1GC
Wooden Stool x1 2GC