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Stock wants your supplies & she's not easy to miss.

Help supply the Town by turning in excess ammo, fuel and gear. Or prove your worth by trading in Apex trophies for big bounties.

Item Quantity Payout
Ghillie Boots, Gloves or Mask x1 1GC
Ghillie Leggings or Chestpiece x1 2GC
Fur Boots, Gloves or Mask x1 1GC
Fur Leggings or Chestpiece x1 2GC
Advanced Bullet x25 1GC
Advanced Rifle Bullet x25 1GC
Simple Rifle Bullet x25 1GC
Simple Shotgun Ammo x25 1GC
Advanced Sniper Rifle Rifle Bullet x20 1GC
Simple Bullet x50 1GC
Metal Arrow x25 1GC
Grenade x10 1GC
IED x4 1GC
C4 Charge x2 1GC
Cluster Grenade x3 1GC
Sparkpowder x100 1GC
Gunpowder x80 1GC
Grappling Hook x6 1GC
Spear Bolt x8 1GC
Argentavis Talon x1 2GC
Titanaboa Venom x1 2GC
Sarcosuchus Skin x1 5GC
Tyrannosarus Arm x1 15GC
Yutyrannus Lungs x1 18GC
Spinosaurus Sail x1 15GC
Thylacoleo Hook-Claw x1 13GC
Rock Drake Feather x1 18GC
Megalania Toxin x1 10GC
Megalodon Tooth x1 1GC
Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth x1 150GC
Giganotosaurus Heart x1 100GC
Alpha Raptor Claw x1 50GC
Alpha Carnotarus Arm x1 75GC
Tusoteuthis Tentacle x1 15GC
Beer Jar x1 3GC
Therizino Claws x1 5GC
Allosaurus Brain x1 15GC
Gasoline x50 1GC
Corrupt Heart x1 15GC
Electronics x60 1GC