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Good, bad - Poke's the guy with the guns.

Need a bigger gun? Look to Poke for the perfect loadout, or to just stock up on ammo.

Item Quantity Quality Cost
Advanced Bullet x5 1.0 1GC
Advanced Rifle Bullet x5 1.0 1GC
Advanced Sniper Bullet x2 1.0 1GC
Assault Rifle x1 1.0 75GC
Compound Bow x1 1.4 90GC
Crossbow x1 1.2 12GC
C4 Charge x1 1.0 10GC
C4 Detonator x1 1.0 70GC
Cluster Grenade x1 1.0 2GC
Electric Prod x1 1.7 35GC
Fabricated Pistol x1 1.2 60GC
Fabricated Sniper Rifle x1 1.7 115GC
Flamethrower x1 1.0 140GC
Flamethrower Ammo x2 1.0 1GC
Flashlight Attachment x1 1.0 18GC
Holo-Scope Attachment x1 1.0 20GC
Laser Attachment x1 1.0 18GC
Silencer Attachment x1 1.0 15GC
Scope Attachment x1 1.0 15GC
Flame Arrow x5 1.0 1GC
Metal Arrow x3 1.0 1GC
Spear Bolt x2 1.0 1GC
Sword x1 1.0 40GC
Simple Pistol x1 1.55 20GC
Harpoon Launcher x1 2.1 85GC
Lance x1 1.8 20GC
Pump-Action Shotgun x1 1.3 100GC
Shotgun x1 1.3 30GC
Simple Shotgun Ammo x5 1.0 1GC
Simple Rifle Ammo x5 1.0 1GC
Simple Bullet x10 1.0 1GC
Longneck Rifle x1 1.0 30GC
Grenade x2 1.0 1GC
Oil Jar x2 1.0 1GC
Improvised Explosive Device x2 1.0 1GC
Poison Grenade x1 1.0 2GC
Smoke Grenade x1 1.0 1GC
Rocket Launcher x1 1.0 250GC
Rocket Propelled Grenade x1 1.0 30GC
Tripewire Alarm Trap x2 1.0 1GC
Whip x1 2.0 17GC
Boomerang x2 1.0 1GC
Pike x1 1.0 10GC
Tripwire Narcotic Trap x2 1.0 1GC