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Mudd: cleaner than the name implies.

Mudd's your man if you're looking to make an honest living as a farmer.

Item Quantity Payout
Aggeravic Mushroom x200 1GC
Amarberry x200 1GC
Amarberry Seed x40 1GC
Aquatic Mushroom x200 1GC
Ascrebic Mushroom x100 1GC
Auric Mushroom x100 1GC
Azulberry x200 1GC
Azulberry Seed x40 1GC
Cactus Sap x200 1GC
Carrot x80 1GC
Carrot Seed x40 1GC
Citronal x80 1GC
Citronal Seed x40 1GC
Fertilizer x2 1GC
Longrass x80 1GC
Longrass Seed x40 1GC
Mejoberry x200 1GC
Mejoberry Seed x40 1GC
Narcoberry x100 1GC
Narcoberry Seed x40 1GC
Plant Species X Seed x50 1GC
Plant Species Y Seed x50 1GC
Plant Species Z Seed x20 1GC
Rare Flower x80 1GC
Rare Mushroom x80 1GC
Re-Fertilizer x1 1GC
Savoroot x80 1GC
Savoroot Seed x40 1GC
Stimberry x100 1GC
Stimberry Seed x40 1GC
Tintoberry x200 1GC
Tintoberry Seed x40 1GC
Snow Owl Pellet x80 1GC