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Marrow's prices don't exactly cut to the bone.

If you've got carnivores to tame or mouths to feed, Marrow's got goot meat at good prices

Item Quantity Cost
Ammonite Bile x1 1GC
Bio Toxin x1 1GC
Blood Pack x1 1GC
Cooked Fish Meat x30 1GC
Cooked Lamb Chop x1 3GC
Cooked Meat x30 1GC
Cooked Meat Jerky x5 1GC
Cooked Prime Fish x10 1GC
Cooked Prime Meat x10 1GC
Cooked Prime Meat Jerky x1 1GC
Giant Bee Honey x1 3GC
Leech Blood x1 10GC
Organic Polymer x1 1GC
Raw Fish Meat x100 1GC
Raw Meat x100 1GC
Raw Mutton x2 1GC
Raw Prime Fish Meat x15 1GC
Raw Prime Meat x15 1GC
Spoiled Meat x1000 1GC
Wyvern Milk x1 250GC
Nameless Venom x20 1GC
Reaper Pheromone Gland x1 1GC
Corrupted Module x10 1GC