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Haul away stacks when you visit Haul.

If you're looking to turn stacks to gold, Haul's your first visit.

Item Quantity Payout
Angler Gel x20 1GC
Black Pearl x4 1GC
Blue Gem x80 1GC
Charcoal x200 1GC
Chitin x200 1GC
Crystal x10 1GC
Deathworm Spike x1 100GC
Flint x200 1GC
Fungal Wood x200 1GC
Gas Ball x80 1GC
Green Gem x100 1GC
Hide x400 1GC
Human Hair x10 1GC
Keratin x200 1GC
Metal x100 1GC
Obsidian x40 1GC
Oil x100 1GC
Pelt x100 1GC
Raw Salt x6 1GC
Red Gem x4 1GC
Rhino Horn x2 1GC
Sand x200 1GC
Silica Pearl x100 1GC
Silk x100 1GC
Squid Oil x100 1GC
Stone x200 1GC
Sulfur x60 1GC
Tree Sap x20 1GC
Wood x200 1GC
Wool x2 1GC
Blue Crystallized Sap x65 1GC
Condensed Gas x100 1GC
Element Dust x50 1GC
Fragmented Green Gem x85 1GC
Corrupted Wood x80 1GC
Red Crystallized Sap x20 1GC
Scrap Metal x50 1GC
Silicate x70 1GC