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Flak has your armor rating covered.

It's rough out there - bulk up your armor rating with a quick visit to Flak.

Item Quantity Quality Cost
Chitin Chestpiece x1 1.5 5GC
Chitin Leggings x1 1.0 5GC
Chitin Gauntlets x1 1.0 5GC
Chitin Boots x1 1.2 6GC
Chitin Helmet x1 1.0 5GC
Desert Cloth Pants x1 1.2 8GC
Desert Cloth Boots x1 1.4 9GC
Desert Cloth Gloves x1 1.9 9GC
Desert Cloth Shirt x1 1.3 9GC
Desert Cloth Goggles And Hat x1 1.2 9GC
Flak Leggings x1 1.3 17GC
Flak Helmet x1 1.1 15GC
Flak Gauntlets x1 1.0 15GC
Flak Boots x1 1.2 15GC
Flak Chestpiece x1 1.0 15GC
Fur Cap x1 1.4 8GC
Fur Boots x1 1.0 7GC
Fur Chestpiece x1 1.0 7GC
Fur Gauntlets x1 1.6 9GC
Fur Leggings x1 1.3 8GC
Gas Mask x1 1.0 30GC
Ghillie Chestpiece x1 1.1 7GC
Ghillie Gauntlets x1 1.0 7GC
Ghillie Mask x1 1.0 7GC
Ghillie Boots x1 1.2 8GC
Ghillie Leggings x1 1.4 8GC
Hazard Suit Hat x1 1.0 16GC
Hazard Suit Shirt x1 1.9 20GC
Hazard Suit Pants x1 1.0 16GC
Hazard Suit Gloves x1 1.2 200GC
Hazard Suit Boots x1 1.0 16GC
Metal Shield x1 1.3 18GC
Night Vision Goggles x1 1.5 60GC
Riot Helmet x1 1.0 100GC
Riot Chestpiece x1 1.6 125GC
Riot Boots x1 1.5 125GC
Riot Gauntlets x1 1.4 125GC
Riot Leggings x1 1.0 120GC
Riot Shield x1 1.0 85GC
Tek Helmet x1 1.0 4500GC
Tek Shield x1 1.2 3800GC
Tek Leggings x1 1.2 4700GC
Tek Boots x1 1.0 4000GC
Tek Gauntlets x1 1.0 4200GC
Tek Chestpiece x1 1.0 6000GC