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Despite his name, he ain't hidden; Depth is here to sell.

Up from the depths, Dwell brings the stuff of Aberration.

Item Quantity Cost
Aquatic Broad Leaf x1 5GC
Aquatic Grass x1 3GC
Aquatic Mushroom x1 7GC
Aquatic Pods x1 6GC
Aquatic Spore x1 4GC
Aquatic Wisp x1 4GC
Blooming Spore x1 9GC
Blue Gem x1 15GC
Crag x1 6GC
Element Bamboo x1 8GC
Element Bush x1 5GC
Element Rock Tre x1 20GC
Fern x1 4GC
Flat Cap Mushroom x1 12GC
Fruit Pod x1 3GC
Green Gem x1 15GC
Large Blue Luma Tree x1 200GC
Large Element Rock x1 7GC
Large Mangrove Tree x1 180GC
Large Pod x1 6GC
Large Purple Luma Tree x1 200GC
Large Redwood Tree x1 300GC
Mushroom Cluster x1 2GC
Mushroom Cluster Tree x1 180GC
Mushroom Stem Tree x1 170GC
Pod Sprout x1 2GC
Pod Vines x1 3GC
Pointed Luma Rock x1 50GC
Red Cap Mushroom x1 3GC
Red Gem x1 15GC
Round Luma Rock x1 80GC
Small Blue Luma Tree x1 140GC
Small Element Rock x1 6GC
Small Mangrove Tree x1 150GC
Small Mushroom Tree x1 12GC
Small Purple Luma Tree x1 140GC
Small Redwood Tree x1 250GC
Sponge x1 5GC
Sponge Core x1 5GC
Sponge Leaf x1 5GC
Sponge Spore x1 5GC
Sponge Wisp x1 5GC
Spore Stem x1 6GC
Square Rock x1 5GC
Tall Fern x1 9GC