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Dune's trekked in from the desert to deliver.

Prices are hot on these Scorched Earth decor items.

Item Quantity Cost
Agave Fern x1 3GC
Arched Rock x1 20GC
Barrel Cactus x1 4GC
Boulder x1 13GC
Bronto Skeleton x1 200GC
Cardon Cactus x1 5GC
Carno Skeleton x1 130GC
Dead Bush x1 3GC
Dead Tree x1 6GC
Desert Bush x1 3GC
Desert Elm Tree x1 7GC
Desert Marigold x1 2GC
Desert Night Fork x1 2GC
Desert Umbrella Tree x1 8GC
Desert Wildflower x1 2GC
Dragon Tree x1 8GC
Fan Palm Tree x1 7GC
Globemallow Flowers x1 2GC
Hedgehog Cactus x1 3GC
Iron Wood Tree x1 9GC
Long Rock x1 7GC
Ocotillo Flowers x1 2GC
Organ Pipe Cactus x1 5GC
Outhouse x1 50GC
Palo Verde Tree x1 7GC
Pinyon Pine Tree x1 7GC
Raptor Skeleton x1 125GC
Round Rock x1 7GC
Saguard Cactus x1 7GC
Short Desert Elm Tree x1 7GC
Small Rock x1 6GC
Small Storage Box x1 8GC
Statue x1 17GC
Stego Skeleton x1 125GC
Storage Barrel x1 10GC
Tall Fan Palm Tree x1 9GC
Trex Skeleton x1 150GC
Trike Skeleton x1 125GC
Water Trough x1 100GC
Wide Saguard Cactus x1 7GC
Wooden Bench x1 9GC
Wooden Cart x1 20GC
Wooden Fence x1 3GC
Wooden Gate x1 30GC
Wooden Gate Frame x1 3GC
Yucca Flower x1 9GC