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Hungry? Hang with Cookie

Cookie's serving up kitchen supplies and buffing grub, all for just a bit of coin.

Item Quantity Cost
Battle Tartare x1 15GC
Beer Bottle x1 1GC
Bingleberry Soup x1 5GC
Bowl x1 2GC
Broth Of Enlightenment x1 20GC
Calien Soup x1 7GC
Chocolate Cake x1 10GC
Chocolate Donut x2 1GC
Cooker x1 300GC
Cookies x2 1GC
Cooking Pot x1 60GC
Dye Maker x1 50GC
Empty Tray x1 2GC
Enduro STew x1 10GC
Energy Brew x1 2GC
Fish Tray x1 4GC
Focal Chili x1 7GC
Fria Curry x1 7GC
Hanging Herbs x1 7GC
Hanging PAns x1 7GC
Herb Basket x1 3GC
Ice Box x1 100GC
Kitchen Cabinet x1 10GC
Kitchen Jar x1 8GC
Lazarus Chowder x1 20GC
Medical Brew x1 2GC
Mindwipe Tonic x1 10GC
Mixing Bowl x1 15GC
Muffin x1 1GC
Mug x1 1GC
Panty x1 60GC
Pink Donut With Sprinkles x2 1GC
Pitcher x1 2GC
Plate x1 1GC
Preserving Salt x1 1GC
Purple Tablecloth x1 3GC
Recipie Station x1 50GC
Red Tablecloth x1 3GC
Shadow Steak Suite x1 15GC
Sink x1 12GC
Sweet Vegetable Cake x1 20GC
Tall Counter x1 10GC
Vanilla Cake x1 10GC
Vessel x1 4GC
Water Basin x1 3GC
Water Bucket x1 700GC